Our team consists of professionals fully committed to help you get the most out of your week of leadership trails with us. Through their passion for nature they have a genuine interest in other people and in people’s ideas and challenges. This is a fundamental quality for being a trainer and a above all a true necessity when you to live together in a temporary tribe for a week. As we are growing our number of destinations and trips we are looking for expansion of our team of experienced facilitators.


Guides and facilitators

We are proud of our team of people that will safeguard and teach you. Our guides are amongst the most experienced in Southern Africa. They will lead you through the bush and create lots of learning experiences. Our facilitators have had a sound academic education, a firm dosage of consulting, training and coaching experience and have sound business careers themselves. Our facilitators help you to learn from these experiences. They transfer these bush experiences to your normal daily boardroom and business meetings and help you to be better leaders both in the bush and back home.

Rico Sakko

Guide and trainer

Christo Spykerman

Guide and trainer

Julien Biget

Guide and trainer

Peter van Houdt

Facilitator and trainer