Private walking camp deep in the Okavango Delta

Our walking safaris take place in our own private concession in the famous Okavango Delta.  Our camp is situated along a seasonal river in the south eastern part of the Delta on a tongue of land that is permanent even during the floods. You will stay in camp for the duration of your walking safari.

The concession area we use is 40,000 hectares or 400 square kilometers: an area of roughly 20 by 20 kilometers. It is unfenced and in direct connection with the rest of the Delta: a true wilderness. During the day we share it with the birds, monkeys, impalas, snakes and elephants and during the night hippo’s, hyena’s, leopard, lions, honey badgers and porcupines often visit us or walk trough camp. It is interesting to see their tracks in the morning – like reading the morning paper. In this area we are the only people allowed. As long as we follow the ethical and safety rules for being in the bush we are completely free to do as we please.

Spacious tents with bathroom and delicious food

You will be sharing tents with 2 participants unless you book your personal tent at a surcharge. Our tents are new, equipped with comfortable beds and measure 4*3 meters plus a 3*3 ensuite bathroom with a bucket shower and a toilet.

Our chefs prepare wholesome meals with fresh ingredients and our camp staff will take care of your other needs. Coffee, tea and water is available all day. Wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks are available at sundowners and in the evening. Our guides all have vast experience and a deep passion for opening the wonders of Botswana’s nature to you. Without exaggerating we can say that your walking safari with us will often be a life-changing experience.

Walk with us in the footsteps of Botswana wildlife

Our groups have a very small number of participants to allow us to move quietly when we walk and give you the attention you need. Walking in the Botswana bush is a great way to be out of your comfort zone. As the bush gives us no time for rehearsals, replays or second chances. When all around you is foreign, or vaguely familiar in your reptilian brain, your senses start to become alive again. Smell, hearing, sight, touch, taste and sometimes even your sixth sense might kick in.

And being out of your comfort zone means you will be open to see yourself for who you really are. Your re-awakened senses will force you to be situational aware. In the ‘here and now’ or ‘feeling alive’ as many of our guests have told us. Many of these guests are seasoned Africa travellers who want to get closer to nature and more personal in their interaction with wildlife in an ethical fashion.

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