We are proud of our complete team that makes your safari dreams come true. Our guides are amongst the most experienced in Botswana and know our safari areas like the back of their hand. Most grew up in the bush and all have the required qualifications to safely take you out on your safari adventure.

Through our passion for nature we have a genuine interest in our guest’s wishes and in the way your experiences will impact you. This interest is the fundament for transforming our time together in the bush into precious life experiences. Behind each safari and guide stands a team of office and camp staff that is equally important and totally committed to make your safari the most unforgettable ever.

Our Ubuntu Philosophy

Our interpretation of Ubuntu is that as human beings we are not just human through our connection with each other, but also through our connection with the greater concept of nature itself. We believe in a world-concept of interconnection and balance and therefore we want to contribute to a circular and sustainable world. It is often just our comprehension of time and space that limits us to see the direct causalities.

We believe that all people are at their best when they are truly connected with their community or team. When they facilitate their team to reach their shared goals while having an understanding of the circumstances in which this needs to be done. Ubuntu is the foundation of our company and our guiding principles. This has made us decide that our and your presence in Botswana must also balance out. Through our safaris with you we contribute directly to the employment and development of local communities and to their quality of life.

Peter van Houdt

Guide and trainer

Peter is a fully qualified field and trails guide. While on a long solo bush walk many years ago he realized that his great desire is to share this passion for the Botswana bush with other people. Especially people with an appetite for authentic and pure nature experiences and with a willingness to participate and push their boundaries. He is the founder of Ubuntutrails and has been taking people to the bush since 2009.

Witness Monyenda

Guide and trainer

Witness grew up on an island in the Okavango Delta. As a bushman he started guiding at a very young age. He is well known for his passion for all small creatures in the bush and his knowledge of medicinal plants and their usage, but also stands his ground as a trails guide facing off elephants and lions. His greatest quality besides teaching and guiding is his passion for sharing his ancestral knowledge and for story telling by the fire. He is also a guide trainer and a chef.

Christo Spykerman

Guide and trainer

It is hard to find people that have had more close encounters with elephants, lions, buffalo, leopard and other big game on foot in the African bush than Christo. His ability to create a guided experience and approach potentially dangerous animals on foot in an ethical, safe and educational way are second to none. Besides his tracking and guiding abilities he has a great sense of humor and is an excellent guide trainer.

Doctor Ramakoba

Guide and trainer
Ngakaemang Ramakoba, as his official name is, was born and raised in the heart of the Okavango Delta. He is a true river bushman and was born with bush skills and knowledge of nature hardcoded in his DNA. His parents and family were his first teachers and he later build a professional education on this fundament. He started his professional guiding career in 1999 and loves to explain flora and fauna to our guests. His tracking skills and his ability to understand an interact with nature are something special.

Cisco Letlo

Guide and trainer

Cisco was born from a Bayei tribe father and a Koi San mother and was raised in the center of the Okavango Delta. He grew up hunting, gathering and fishing with his parents learning all you need to enjoy, survive and make a living in the Botswana bush. As a grown up he topped his love for nature up with a professional training and turned it into a long career as a guide. Cisco loves to walk, is an excellent birder and like no other he is able to establish a connection to nature within you that you will take with you forever. 

Happy Travellers