Vast landscapes, rich wildlife heaven

Botswana is a land locked country located in the South of the African continent. The country gained independence from the UK in 1966 and has been a parliamentary democracy ever since. Botswana covers about 580,000 square kilometers of largely unspoiled nature. With only 2.6 million inhabitants, it’s one of the more sparsely populated countries in the world allowing for breathtaking views and leaving ample space for wildlife. The abundance and diversity of wildlife is second to no other country in Africa. Combine this with being in one of the last true wildernesses observing these wonderful animals in their natural habitat and it makes Botswana the place to go.

Land of private wildlife sightings

Botswana’s tourism policy has always had a very restrictive set-up, using concessions – contractual rights – to limit the numbers of guests for each area. This makes Botswana an exclusive destination while successfully preserving the authenticity of its various ecosystems. In practice this means that, unlike in many other African countries, you will often have private wildlife viewings and a better overall safari experience. This is why we have chosen Botswana as our area of operation.

Stay and travel in pure wilderness

We offer all our safaris in carefully selected and largely undiscovered areas across Botswana. Our camps and lodges are therefor remote and private. Missing out on signal and wifi in our tented private camps will help you to leave your daily life behind and really have a genuine safari experience. Our guides have radio communication with our base in town and a satellite telephone and a pager on walks in case of an emergency. The lodges we book for you al have wifi, otherwise we enjoy the sounds of nature.

Other Trips

These are other trips.

8 Days 1-6 People Hard
Learn leadership based on professional guide training This trail is especially useful for guests who wish to develop their leadership skills based on professional trails...
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  • 7 September 20240 Available
  • 14 September 20244 Available
  • 21 September 20246 Available
8 Days 1-8 People Easy
Open your senses to become situational aware This trail is aimed at guests wishing to experience the true meaning of Ubuntu: connecting to yourself and...
Next Departure Oct 05
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  • 5 October 20248 Available
1-20 People Easy
A safari completely organized around your personal wishes If you want to enjoy a private safari in Botswana completely tailored to your personal wishes, search...
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8 Days 1-6 People Medium
Gain deep understanding of wildlife and animal behavior This trail has been specially designed for participants wishing to deepen their understanding of the animal life...
Next Departure Sep 28
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  • 28 September 20241 Available
10 Days 1-7 People Easy
Summary You can book this fully catered and guided mobile tented safari in two different travel directions. You either start in Maun and will travel...
Next Departure Jun 28 Jun 29 Jul 05
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  • 28 June 20247 Available
  • 29 June 20247 Available
  • 5 July 20247 Available
7 Days 1-7 People Easy
Summary Your fully catered and guided mobile tented safari starts and ends in Maun. It is a wonderful one week safari that will take you...
Next Departure Jun 17 Jun 24 Jul 08
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  • 17 June 20247 Available
  • 24 June 20247 Available
  • 8 July 20247 Available
9 Days 1-7 People Easy
Summary Maun is the starting and ending point of your fully catered and guided mobile tented safari. You drive out and you fly back in...
Next Departure Feb 02 Mar 02 Mar 30
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  • 2 February 20257 Available
  • 2 March 20257 Available
  • 30 March 20257 Available
8 Days 1-12 People Easy
Recharge spiritually and physically in pristine wilderness We are happy to organize a unique safari experience in our remote walking camp in the heart of...
Next Departure Nov 09 Nov 16
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  • 9 November 20240 Available
  • 16 November 20240 Available