Botswana is located in the South of the African continent and covers about 600,000 square kilometers. With only 1.8 million inhabitants, it’s one of the more sparsely populated countries in the world. The country gained independence from the UK in 1966 and has been a parliamentary democracy ever since. Botswana’s tourism policy has a very restrictive set-up, using concessions – contractual rights – to limit the numbers of guests for each area. This makes Botswana an expensive but at the same time it has successfully preserved the authenticity of its various areas. In practice this means that, unlike in other African countries, you don’t have to stand in line with ten other jeeps to catch a glimpse of a sleeping lion.

Develop Basic Survival Skills

Experience what it takes to be out in the bush by vehicle, mokoro (a canoe dug-out from a tree), by boat or on foot. Learn essential survival skills such as staying safe, how to find and use safe and clean water, what to eat versus what not to eat and how to make a fire.

Drive a 4*4 Vehicle

Learn to drive a 4*4 (game drive) vehicle through any type of terrain: sand, thick sand, mud, water and or dunes. Learning to change wheels and fix small problems.

Leadership Training

Develop your stronger and your less developed leadership skills by guiding your fellow learners in the bush. Being out of your comfort zone offers great learning potential. You will learn to follow before you will learn to lead. You will also learn basic knowledge about safety, group control and nature. One of the highlights is a two day walk including a sleep out in the bush in your sleeping bag by a campfire while taking turns for being on guard.

Learn to Navigate

Learn to navigate in the African wilderness. Study the many tricks to determine where you are and what direction to go and most importantly learn to always find your way back to camp or to the vehicle when we leave it out in the bush.

Learn to Track

Learn the ancient art of tracking by knowing which signs and signals to pay attention to. Understand to observe in order to collect information and how to deduct, in order to limit possibilities and make conclusions of the most likely scenario.

Learn to Walk Trails in a Big 5 Area

Learn to walk in the bush while leading a group in order to enjoy pristine nature from close by. Putting planning, problem solving, communication, group control, team cooperation, navigation, tracking, problem solving and knowledge of animal behavior into practice.

Train bush leadership skills

Learning bush leadership skills such as creating a guided experience, managing camp and your team, navigating, tracking, survival skills, rifle handling, etc. And developing extensive people skills.

Visit Local Initiatives

Meet and get to know some of the initiatives in local communities and the people who have been financed by Ubuntu Trust. Learn about their cultures and customs as well as daily life business challenges. Everything is done in a sustainable and ethical fashion.

Other Trips